Adam Andersson (23)

I bought Siege on a whim in late 2016. Quite quickly realized I wanted more from the game and started looking at getting into more organised play. Eventually I ended up building a team together with current EUL caster Hap for the then newly announced Benelux Go4s, which at the time fed into quarterly LAN finals taking place at the ESL studio in Haarlem, NL. Took a break from competitive play some time before the 1st quarterly which meant I barely missed it. I attended the following two quarterlies with slightly mixed results.

With the transition to a league system I once again stopped playing competitively until I was asked to play the remainder of the season with Initio Gaming. After we narrowly failed to qualify for the finals we went our separate ways only for us to end up playing S2 with most of the previous roster. After a shaky road with several roster changes just before S3 we failed to qualify and once again went our separate ways.

Since I was moving for studies I once again stopped playing competitive. In September 2019 I joined Nerf and the then Brutal Base team with the intention of qualifying for UK nationals. Since then we’ve gone through a number of roster changes, leaving myself and Nerf the only remaining players from the previous roster. We proved a lot of people wrong by qualifying for UKIN and hope to keep that streak up going forward.

13 Aug 20 - 20:00 NATUS VINCERE 6 vs 6 LONDON ESPORTS Details
6 Aug 20 - 21:00 FIERCE ESPORTS 7 vs 1 LONDON ESPORTS Details
31 Jul 20 - 20:00 LONDON ESPORTS 4 vs 7 COWANA GAMING Details
24 Jul 20 - 21:00 MNM GAMING 7 vs 5 LONDON ESPORTS Details
17 Jul 20 - 19:00 VEXED GAMING 7 vs 2 LONDON ESPORTS Details
9 Jul 20 - 19:00 LONDON ESPORTS 6 vs 6 DEMISE Details
2 Jul 20 - 22:00 LONDON ESPORTS 1 vs 7 AUDACITY ESPORTS Details
Season Statistics
Kills: 0 Defuser Disables: 0
Deaths: 0 Opening Kills: 0
Plants: 0 Most Picked Operator: 0
Defuses: 0
Team History & Achievements
Benelux Quarterly 2 - 2nd
Benelux Quarterly 3 - 3rd/4th
Benelux League S1 - 5th
Benelux League S2 - 3rd/4th
Benelux League S3 - 6th
SEL Season 3 - Finalist
ACS - Top 4 (Unfinished)