Posted 08/06/2022 17:00
Please find in this update an overview of all the changes and updates that were made to the Rainbow Six Circuit Northern Premier League Rulebook coming the second half of the 2022 groupstage.
The complete Rulebook is available: HERE


5.2.4 Operators, gadgets, equipment or attachments

Updated to exclude Operator quarantines with a communication add-on.

The introduction of new operators in competitive play of the Rainbow Six Circuit will be effective after each Stage of the Rainbow Six Circuit, or at the beginning of a new Season (i.e. after each Major, or the Six Invitational) as decided by UBISOFT at its sole discretion. The acceptance of usage of new operators will be communicated by the Admin team.

Ubisoft reserves the right to ban specific operators, as well as gadgets, equipment or attachments they may have, from time to time, in order to guarantee a fair competition, and if UBISOFT reckons that it contains a bug, creates imbalance or has a game-breaking effect on competitive play. Tournament Organisers are responsible for notifying all Teams competing in their programs of such ban once notified by UBISOFT.


5.2.5 Cosmetics 

Removed ban of Six Invitational skins with note to the Global Rulebook.

During Rainbow Six Circuit competitions’ official matches, players can only use the battle dress uniforms and headgears listed in the Global Rulebook ANNEX C ESPORTS PROGRAMS & PRO LEAGUE BATTLE DRESS UNIFORMS AND HEADGEARS PERMITTED IN COMPETITIVE PLAY.

Weapon skins and charms are not subject to any restriction. 

The use of a prohibited cosmetic by any member of a team will result in an immediate round loss for that team. Team kills will NOT be taken into account. Please make sure ALL your operators are correctly equipped before starting a match. Please report any use of prohibited cosmetics immediately to the Admin team.


5.3.1 Playday roster lock and announcement

Updated roster lock timing and stand-in information add-on.

It is required for a team to confirm their line up for each playday to the Admin team (picked from the locked previously registered roster).

This will be communicated to the Admin team no later than 16:00 CEST on the day of the fixture.

Should the roster not be communicated in time, the Admin team may rule the team as no show as explained in section 5.3.3 in this rulebook. In extenuating circumstances teams may bring in an emergency stand-in without penalty upon approval of the Admin team.


5.3.3 No show

Updated timing and overall ruling update.

All players need to be ready and in the lobby 30 minutes before scheduled time. If all players are not ready and in the lobby at this time the team will be issued a warning and the team will be penalised as Breach of competition protocol according to the Global Rulebook Annex B Penalty Index.


 5.3.6 Requirements

Ruling add-on.

All matches must be played with 5 players per team. Teams with fewer than 5 players will be forfeited, regardless of any agreements made with the opponents.

Note that schedule may be determined as rolling scheduled, therefore teams should be ready to play as soon as the match preceding their fixture is over, otherwise they may be ruled as no show according to section 5.3.3 of this rulebook.


8. Relegation

Added full section about how the relegation process works from the Northern Premier League as well as information on which subdivision a team are relegated to and the rules on this.



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